stephanie-vertical-328x470I’m Stephanie and I am so glad you dropped by. If I could, I would pour you a cup of tea or coffee along with a lavish cup of encouragement. We hear so many messages of self-improvement these days it’s easy to feel pressure to somehow measure up.  What if I could tell you, you are already doing a great job!  You are incredible and accepted just like you are.  I hope I can pass on some wisdom, tools, and solutions from my experiences that inspire you to flourish at being you.  I want to give you encouragement in all things: family, food, and faith. 

 I love comments, I hope to hear from you soon.

Home & Family

food-family-stephanie-allenOur lives take root in the soil of our homes – we find identity, value, love and acceptance there. Although home is where we live together, create our space, prepare meals, and rest… something greater supersedes these functions. Home is a place where we belong. Making a home is not hard, if you let your creating, caring, and communicating pass through a heart of love. Home is a place for relationship. Sometimes we forget that. If you lose all the other trimmings of home, but still have a loving family…we’ll, you are a wealthy person.


food-table-stephanie-allenWhat does food speak in your home? When my husband goes out of his way to bring home Wild Mountain Blackberry Cobbler, that speaks love. When our family rummages through the refrigerator for left-overs, that speaks, hum, real life. If I can affect our family’s home climate, I want to make most of their days sunny. “I’ve got time for you. You matter. I thought of you today.” Those are the predominate messages I hope they hear when we share meals together.


sunset-faith-stephanie-allenI call them, “God Ker Plunks” and they happen regularly. From last minute ‘free’ vacations to being able to hire just the right people, I see God’s hand all over my life. Life has not been easy, yet through it, I have found His love and presence more deeply than if life was problem-free. God is good all the time. He inspires me with every sunrise and sunset; I love posting amazing pictures of the sky that I quickly snap from our boat. It speaks to me.