How Dream Dinners Works

Dream Dinners makes meal planning and preparation easier for America’s families bringing them together over delicious, easy, homemade meals.


Guests view the Dream Dinners monthly menu online at, choose a session time at a local store and make their menu selections.

In Store

The Dream Dinners team purchases and preps all the ingredients and teaches guests how to complete their meals at the assembly stations.

No Clean-up

New and experienced cooks find the recipes easy to follow and quick to assemble. Staff does all the clean-up and helps guests load their meals into a cooler, ready to freeze at home.

Easy Homemade Meals

With a month’s worth of meals ready to go, guests say they feel “satisfied, efficient, capable, accomplished, and like a rock star chef!”

At Home

No more mental energy spent trying to figure out what’s for dinner, digging through the pantry settling for less healthy options, or going over budget eating out. Simply pull a few meals from the freezer each week, thaw and cook as needed.