October 30, 2014
Stephanie Allen

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The Never-ending Joy of Making New Traditions

As my family grows up, my nest empties of my kids and joyfully refills with grandkids. Our family grows, moves, and constantly changes. From decorating the tree to opening stockings, what we always used to do before, we don’t do anymore. That doesn’t have to be a sad thing. I want my kids to start their own family traditions.  Letting go of the old, means making room for the new.

Some of your traditions will last a lifetime; others will be for a season. This is actually exciting. I’m always on the lookout for new traditions!

What is a tradition?  It’s doing something special repeatedly. The regularity of your tradition instills anticipation, which is half the fun!  Traditions become associated with a certain time of year, holiday, or event. A beloved tradition is one where your family asks, “When are we going to do ______ again” Or, when they express disappointment when it’s missing, “But we always have Swedish Meatballs for Christmas.” Traditions bring predictability and joy in the good times and give you strength through the hard times.

Here are some of our newest traditions:

pumpkin patch at beach house 2

  • We created a pumpkin patch in our yard for our kids and grandkids this year, After they ‘hunted’ for their pumpkin we brought them inside and carved them together.
  • Whenever we have the kids and grandkids over, we play Apples to Apples as a family after dinner. It’s a fun game for every age.
  • We watch football games all day Thanksgiving Day. The only time it’s off is during dinner. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without hearing the sounds football in the background!
  • In December, my daughters and grandkids always bake cookies together. We carry on my grandma’s Christmas baking tradition by making her favorites: Rocky Road, Almond Roca, Spritz, and Pecan Sandies.

What are some of your traditions? Have you started anything new as your family grows?

For more tradition ideas, visit Cozi for 50 Holiday Traditions.


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