October 28, 2014
Stephanie Allen

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Winning the Halloween Candy Craze

Little Trick-or-TreatersHalloween brings out the kid in most of us… from dressing up in crazy costumes to eating bite-sized savory treats; we’ve mastered the art of fanciful celebration with childlike abandon!

Our fetish for sweets peaks the month of October. “The week of Halloween alone, Americans buy 90 million pounds of chocolate. That’s enough Hershey’s bars to wrap around the world nearly 3.25 times!” Live Strong

“Americans, on average, consume about 25 pounds of candy each annually.” Boston.com

If we’re not addicted to sugar, our kids probably are. They run to sweets like a dog to the beach. How do we enjoy the holiday with some sense of self-control both for our kids and ourselves?

Give these ideas a try:

  • Wait to buy your Halloween stash until the last-minute. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ eliminates a lot of temptation.
  • Stock your candy bowl with treats that are not your favorite.
  • Before you send your kids out the door, fill them up with a nutritious dinner.
  • Teach your kids moderation and set guidelines for a sensible limit.
  • Lead by example.
  • When you are ready to call it a night … put the bowl of treats out front.
  • Take advantage of dentist and orthodontist candy ‘buy back’ campaigns.

Balance and moderation can be satisfying too… especially in the long run.

Have fun and enjoy!



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