September 24, 2014
Stephanie Allen

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Our MOPS Centerpiece Miracle

I volunteer at MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) as a mentor Mom. Two times a month I sit with a table of wonderful women who are getting a chance to talk to other moms, take a break from their children, make a craft, and learn great tips on how to be a better wife and mom. It is a Christian based international organization, but not a Bible study. It’s really all about helping women adjust to being a mom.

In the spring, at the end of the MOPS meeting year, we all plan a tea party to celebrate! I attended the planning meeting for the tea party and volunteered to make scones, lemon curd, and cucumber sandwiches for about 80 women in our group.  Other mentors like myself offered to decorate, bring china tea pots and cups… other things to make the tea party special for the moms.  One mentor said she could get flowers and I jumped in to say I have friends in the flower business and might be able to get a good price for them.  No one took ownership of the centerpieces.

Early the morning of the tea I got my scones, lemon curd and finger sandwiches all made up and while I was doing so I thought of the centerpieces! Yikes, I had forgotten about the flowers and had not heard if anyone else had arranged them.  I called one of the other mentors, Cindy, and asked if she had heard of anyone doing centerpieces and she said, no, she didn’t think anyone had done them.  I was really disappointed that I had dropped the ball because we wanted to make a special tea party for these deserving moms of preschoolers.

Not even two minutes after I hung up from talking to Cindy, she called me back. “You won’t believe this,” she said, “a friend called right after we talked. She has 12 beautiful, professional flower arrangements leftover from a women’s golf tournament and could we use them?!”

Now, I know this is not a miracle of curing cancer or receiving a large sum of money when you need to pay a bill, but, it strengthens my faith. I know that if God cares for the smallest of details, like centerpieces (that I didn’t even pray for)… how much more does He cares for the burdens in my life. He goes so far before us to take care of ALL OUR NEEDS…even centerpieces!

Tea centerpiece


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