September 23, 2014
Stephanie Allen

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My Lost Bracelet

We recently bought a cabin and often stay there on the weekends. It’s wonderful and we are so relaxed there; it’s the perfect place to spend quality time with each other and our family.  The only thing I am having trouble adjusting to is….. I can’t remember where anything is!  I know I am out of mayonnaise, but can’t remember if I am out at home or at the cabin….. I know I have a black belt with a silver buckle, but can’t find it at home, must have left it at the cabin.  Where are my favorite jeans, home or the cabin?  That’s what happened to the bracelet.

It’s not just any bracelet; it’s a very special charm bracelet that my husband and kids have been adding charms to my bracelet for years.  Every Mother’s day, Christmas, or birthday I’m given more charms.  They are not regular charms; they are made of precious gems, real silver, and pearls.  I only get one at a time because they are very special.  I can put about 10 charms on the bracelet at a time and can change them for the season or to match an outfit I am going to wear.  I couldn’t find it in my jewelry box at home and assumed I had left it at the cabin.

A few weeks went by before we got back to the cabin and I forgot to look for it there.  I really wanted to wear my bracelet and was missing it. The next weekend, I made a thorough search of the cabin…no bracelet.  I must have it at home or at my office. So, I did a thorough search at home…then the office, even asking my coworkers if they might have seen it.  I am in the habit of taking it off to cook, do dishes, or go for a walk during the day.  No one had seen it.  I started praying,

“God, can you please help me find my bracelet and keep it safe wherever it is!”

Over the months, every once in a while, I would search a coat pocket, an old purse, or clean out a drawer in the bathroom.  I kept praying that I would find it and each time I prayed, God’s calming spirit came over me,

“Don’t worry, it will show up.”

But, eventually, I quit looking.

Months later, I our local Rotary asked me to be the keynote speaker at a large Rotary meeting in our area…my husband’s Rotary meeting!  They wanted me to speak on being a successful woman in business and how Dream Dinners grew.  I had been the speaker at several other events over the years, but speaking to 100+ people who you know is nerve-racking. I was repeatedly practicing my speech, I have memorized speeches before, but this time I couldn’t get it down. Panic started to overtake me, I wouldn’t be good enough… I would embarrass my husband and myself… I wouldn’t do Dream Dinners justice…

I sat in my car ready to cancel my speaking engagement fearing I wouldn’t be good enough. I reached into the pocket of my suit blazer, guess what was in there – The bracelet and the charms that even matched my outfit!  God’s same still, calm spirit came over me,

“This is for you, to know that I am with you, and you will be great at speaking today because I am with you.”


I put the bracelet on and spoke that day with confidence, remembering all the key points to my speech; I even facilitated  a ‘question and answer’ time at the end without any hesitations.  My husband was beaming and others said I was one of the best speakers that had spoken in some time.

I think God planted that bracelet so that I would find it just when I needed it!  He cares about us all the time!

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