September 23, 2014
Stephanie Allen

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Game Day Tailgating

tailgatingNothing’s more fun and energizing than a game day tailgate party. It’s a perfect supercharged reason to gather with friends and family to eat great food, wear team colors, and fly the flag all the while encouraging our team with a hoot and holler.

Game day tailgating is simple and fun. The host/organizer always brings the grill and a few folding tables, disposable paper products, and eating utensils. Everyone in our group brings their favorites for a delicious potluck smorgasbord.

What’s on the menu? At our potlucks, there are often hotdogs/brats,  BBQ smokies, ribs, slow-cooked BBQ beef, a variety of picnic salads, and baked beans.

It doesn’t matter the time of day, (it could be 10 in the morning) we always have a barbecue. We all show our spirit in different ways, last year, our friend brought a carved a pumpkin with a W on it to in the spirit of our UW Huskies.

So grab your friends, a grill, and a football and go join the fun!

I can hear the band’s anthem already!

What are your favorite tailgate foods?

Visit:    Family Foodie for tailgate recipes

Cooking Channel tailgate wings, beans, and ribs


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